Monday, December 26, 2011

Sensitive Angel!

Stella has been so sensitive lately. I mean, she has always been sensitive, but it has just been multiplied lately. I have always considered it a good thing, I want her to be an empathetic person who is kind to others. I have multiple examples to back it up! Yesterday, Christmas, we were watching Home Alone at my parents house. At the end when the old neighbor is outside seeing his family for the first time in a while she got upset. She says, awwhhhh, and gets frowny and teary. We tried to explain to her it was happy, but she was still upset. She can tell by the music in a movie if it's a sad part. We watched Wall-e earlier and she was getting emotional about that one too.
Oh, we also were having issues with one of her Christmas Presents. She got this teddy bear that has bandaids and comes with a stethoscope and ear thermometer. So the bear talks and says "I'm ready for my check up." But when he says he has boo-boos she gets upset and cries. I am wondering if it's ok for her to be so sensitive. I don't have the first idea of what I would do to "correct" the situation, but I hope it's ok.

She has been doing super with her manners today. Usually you have to say "What do you say?" to get her to say please or thank you. But there were a few times today where she used please all by herself, and once Pretty Please! :) Do you know how dang hard it is to say no to a voluntary pretty please in a little toddler voice? Wow! She is so special.

One last sweet thing she did today, when we were watching Wall-e, the girl robot and Wall-e were hugging. Stella said, "They love each other!" It was so sweet, she is super perceptive just like me.

She also had an amazing Christmas, we all did!

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