Thursday, February 2, 2012

Butt Paste

This morning when I was getting ready Stella came in the bathroom and picked up a bottle of hair gel. She said, "Here you go Mommy." She handed it to me, and I said thank you. Then she said, "Do you need some paste on your bottom?" Oh my gosh it was hilarious! The hair gel bottle does look similar to the butt paste bottle.
Yesterday she was on the couch looking at Jeff's Canoeing & Kayak book. I said, "Is that Daddy's book?" She said, "No, it's mine." Haha, then she was playing with her Dora looking at the book. She said, "Dora want to go on the river?" It doesn't have but a few pictures, mostly map like drawings of rivers. I was kind of surprised she put that together!

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