Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Funny Sh*t My Daughter Says

Ok so this will probably be the first post of many! Just going to jot down the funny stuff Stella has been saying lately.
Last night she was watching a Hello Kitty video on her Dad's phone. Out of no where she says, " I want to go to Target."
In church this past Sunday, she was very very good I need to note, she said, "Mommy I'm pooping." directly followed by, "I'm freaking out!" Which is one of her new phrases.
She enjoys saying Whatever.
In the car last night on the way home, I let her have her crayons and book. She had tried eating the crayons the last time I gave them to her. So, I told her she could absolutely not eat them, or I would take them away. She started using her fingernail to pick off chunks and eat them. I told her to stop and she would just grin. So, I stopped at a red light and turned around and yelled at her to give me the crayons. She gave me two of them and started crying. Then in between sobs she said, "I'm going to tell Daddy what you did!"

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