Sunday, February 26, 2012

Darcie Dogs

Stella and Jeff have a dance they do, and Jeff always sings, "Do-si-do, do-si-do. Turn around, turn around!" Then one day I realized Stella was singing it too, but her version was, "Darcie dog, darcie dog. Turn around, turn around." I think it's hilarious and she totally thinks she is saying the same thing as us.
Another funny story, she was at my mom's house and she wanted to put the portable phone on the charger. My mom told her no, they were going to leave it in the counter. Stella was mad and demanded that it be put on the charger. My mom said, "I'm the adult and you are the child and we're going to do what I say." To that Stella said, "No, I am not a child, I'm Stella Rose Westenhofer!"

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