Friday, March 2, 2012

Two Years

My brilliant daughter is turning two years old. I can hardly believe it. She is so fantastic and I just don't know how one human being could love another any more. I have been quite emotional the last couple of days. It's incredible the miracle that God has blessed me with. I do not ever want to live one second without her.I just wanted to talk about her a little bit in honor of her birthday! She is so smart, and hilarious. She is so amazing at singing songs, if I was to guess I would say she knows 25 songs. Not just a little, at least two verses. She has crazy song memorizing skills just like me. She also likes to ad lib her songs as she goes. She still loves to read and she really loves puzzles, both same as a year ago. She is so great at communicating, it really is helpful to me. Last night she was in her bed because she bit me while I was rocking her. She said, "I want to rock." It is no big thing, but it's just nice to know exactly what she is thinking. She is also fantastic at pretending. She was playing with Callie one day, with a bookmark, a string and two beads on the ends. Later when I got there she went over to Callie and said, "Where's her headphones?" At first I thought I was misunderstanding her, then my mom said she had been putting the book mark on Callie. :)  She stayed with Grammie and PawPaw last weekend while Jeff and I went away for our anniversary. She missed us a lot, and even on Tuesday she was still missing me. I was leaving her at Grammie's to go to work and she said, "I want to hold you really bad!" In the most pitiful voice. She has been practicing at holding up two fingers to say she is two. She is getting good at it! She is getting a little possessive of things, and if she doesn't want you to have something she has been known to have a fit. Tonight I trimmed her bangs, after I cut them she looked at the hair and said, "That's Stella's hair!" So, apparently she speaks in third person now. While I was rocking her to sleep she was saying something about her hair. It sounded like, "My hair is finished." Turns out she was saying, "My hair speaks spanish!" HAHAHA! I have no idea where she got that.

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