Sunday, March 11, 2012

Nothings Impossible

Stella is so wonderful! Lately out of no where she has started saying, "Nothings impossible!" Neither I nor my mom know where she picked it up. It's really cute though.

I put lotion on her the other night because agree apparently has bad skin like me. After I put it on her she said, "need some more glue please!" It was hilarious and later she saw the bottle and referred to it as glue.

One day in the car the sun was in her face, she can't stand it! I said, "You don't like the sun in your face?" She said, "No, turn it off please." Then I gave her her sun glasses and she said, "I feel cool with my sunglasses on!"

We were at JoAnn's today and Stella saw these containers with fake Easter eggs in them.

She picked one up and the lid fell off and they went everywhere. We picked them all up and she said, "I'm sorry mommy." I told her it was ok, but not to pick them up again because we didn't want to drop them. She said, "Yes, because they might hatch." She blows my mind how much she understands things. She is so funny.

Sometimes in the car Stella will ask me for something and I will tell her I can't get it because I am driving  the car. We were in the car and it was nap time, she was very tired and cranky. She was upset and crying for no reason. So I reached back and put my hand on her leg, I said, "Hold Mommy's hand." She said, "No Mommy I can't, you're driving the car." I busted out laughing.

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