Wednesday, July 24, 2013

One Blessed Mama!

My big girl rolled over for the first time Saturday! She was laying on the floor and Stella was down there talking to her and playing with her princesses. And she went left and rolled completely over laying with her head held way up. She was 4 months old on Sunday and she is so sweet and precious! She weighed 14lbs 6 oz and was 24.5 inches long. She did so good getting her shots, this time she only had two compared to the 5 she got last time. She is a raspberry blowing fool and it’s so cute. We have raspberry blowing contests J. Video to follow. She is sleeping ok, obviously I would like to get some nice 5 hour blocks of sleep, but I don’t mind. She has been having a little sleep regression and maybe a cold the last few days. I think she’s feeling better now.

We all went to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum last weekend. Stella had a really good time. She is also doing great in swim lessons. She is very slowly getting more used to the idea of getting water in her face. She used to get a death grip on you in the water because she didn’t want you to let her go. And now she is comfortable swimming with her floaties on by herself. And she is getting her face/ears/hair in the water more. She really enjoys swimming and she and Pawpaw go during the week too. Stella is such a great big sister and such a sweetheart to everyone. I love her so!!

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