Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Gosh Stella has been saying some hilarious things lately. She is so wonderful. Amazing.

A week ago she could not go to sleep. She kept getting out of bed. On one of the trips to the bathroom, she stopped in our room. She was chewing something and I asked her what was in her mouth. She made up some story about it being her vitamin which she had an hour before that. Finally I told her she could tell me the truth and I would not be mad. She paused and then said, "Well you know, I never stopped eating my boogers. I couldn't hold in the laughter! 

We were eating dinner at my Parents house one night, out on the deck. Stella dropped a banana pepper off of her pizza. My dad said, Hurry pick it up and I will eat it. So, she proceeded to pick it up with her toe and give it to him. :D

We were at the Wendy's drive through one day and the lady said, "Have a nice one!" And Stella asked me what the lady meant. I said it was just a short way of saying have a nice day. She said, "Oh, is that how they say it at Wendy's?"

Tonight they were in the tub and she was playing with her two mermaids. She was telling me how one mermaid likes the soft seat and one likes the hard seat. "They have 'pinions!" She proudly told me. 

I LOVE HER TO PIECES! She makes my heart burst. 

She got about 4 inches cut off her hair today and first day of 4 Year old Preschool is TOMORROW! She is so excited, she has been missing school very much. 

Vivian is saying a ton of words. She is also working on 3 molars. OUCHY! She is so funny and will have 5 minute arguements where all she says is NO! She is so quick and sweet! I love her so much and cannot believe how blessed I am to have them both.

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