Sunday, July 5, 2009

6 Days Left till the first Ultrasound!

*Sigh* only six days left until the ultra sound...I am so anxious and nervous. Not as bad as I was when I was waiting for the blood work results, but still nervous. What if they don't find the sac, the fetal pole, the heartbeat... I have been praying every single day. I want this baby more than anything!

I told my dad on Friday. Well, I planned to tell him when we went to lunch. My brother, my Dad, my Mom & I all went to Logan's. And I had gotten a card that said "For the Grandparents-to-be". So at lunch I got the card out and told my dad to open it. But he found a couple of excuses not to.

So, finally he said he didn't need to read it because he knew what it said. And he is the type of person who can guess what his Christmas/Birthday presents are. But, I really had no clue how he could know. He didn't say it out loud he just motioned towards my belly.

He still won't tell me how he knew! But even though he is a man of few words when it comes to emotional things, I know he is happy.

It has been so hard not telling anyone else yet. I still only want to tell family, but we're planning on waiting till after the ultrasound on Friday to tell the next few.

Hopefully Jeff will be going with me to the ultrasound. I know that it hasn't totally sunk in yet, and seeing the baby on the screen will make it so much more real!

Just going to try to scrape by until Friday at 2!

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