Monday, July 13, 2009

So Many Updates

Well, I think about half of the universe knows about my pregnancy now! Thursday the 9th we had the FIRST UltraSound!! It went very well, saw the baby and the heartbeat. We got to hear the heartbeat too, but only for a second. Jeff went with me, she measured me at 6 weeks 5 days. Which is only one day ahead of my guesstimate! That makes a due date of 2-27-10. She also told us that the chance of miscarriage goes down to 7%. But I am pretty much praying at least twice a day that God will keep this baby safe. Especially now that so many people know & are so elated about it.

We told Jeff's parents on Thursday night. I gave his mom a card that said Congratulations
You're going to be a Grandma! She was so excited, so excited. She kept saying how happy she was. His dad was happy, acted like he normally does.

Friday, I had Aunt LuAnn meet my mom and I for lunch. I made her a card that said, "You've always been such a great aunt. Now you'll really be a Great-Aunt. She seemed like she was in shock I guess...

Saturday mom took me to the Motherhood Maternity store to get some pants that were comfortable. I got a pair of jean Capri's, jean shorts, and black Capri's. And one cute green shirt. It was $100. I am so excited though, the pants are SO comfortable.

Saturday I also told Melissa. I just told her over the phone. She is really happy for me & excited! She was in the car with her mom, so she told her. Hopefully the word won't spread too quickly.

Jeff's mom has told everyone she knows I think. She said she is going to buy us the baby furniture! YAY :) My mom is getting the glider. It is still so early.

We leave for vacation on Friday (17th) night!!!! Hope we have a good time, and I don't get too hot.

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