Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Beginning

Ok, so today it has been 12 days since I got my first positive home pregnancy test! That is where we will begin the journey...

On June 21st I had totally given up on thinking I was pregnant because I got blood work done at my OB on 6-15 that was negative. The 21st was father's day, and I spent most of the day with my parents. When we went to dinner, I was not feeling well. I was super hot, and not hungry at all! Also while we were at the restaurant it seemed like we saw at least 3 sets of twins!

While I was at my parents house that evening there was a TLC show on called "I didn't know I was pregnant". So, I left my parents house around 6:30 and decided to stop at WalMart and get a pregnancy test just for kicks. Up to that point, I believe I had taken at least 15 that were negative.

So, I got home around 7:15, went into the bathroom & peed on a stick. I laid it on the side of the tub, right next to the toilet...Within 45 seconds the PREGNANT line had showed up. Then I pretty much started hyperventilating!

It was CRAZY, I had convinced myself I wasn't pregnant. I silently freaked out for an hour, and went online to the Baby Center message boards to share with my Internet friends. I knew that it had to be right because the line came up so fast, but was still in shock.

I decided the next day, since I would be home in the morning, I would go to the store and get a digital test and a different brand than the one I took. So, on Monday I took another Answer test (same as I took Sunday), and that line didn't seem to be very dark. So, I went and bout the Clear Blue Easy digital, and an Equate test. And ran back home and took both of those.

The were both POSITIVE! I had decided I didn't want to tell Jeff until I had gone to the doctor. But when I called them on Monday, they couldn't get me in until the following Tuesday. Bummer!! So, since Jeff had important finals on Wednesday, I decided I would wait and tell him Wednesday evening. Plus, he was leaving to work in Bowling Green Thursday morning.

So, I decided to get some little baby booties, and wrap them up with a digital pregnancy test taped to the booties. I also got a card, and wrote a note in it. So, I gave him the bag, and he took out the booties and the test. Remember, it was a digital test, so there weren't lines it just said PREGNANT. But when he looked at those two things, he didn't get it. So I said, Open the card. He opened the card and read it, or at least some of it. But was still asking me what it all was for. So, I pointed out the test to him. And he said YOU'RE PREGNANT!?! He was excited & very shocked! He got up and kissed me & hugged me.

It was more of a shock because neither one of us thought it would happen so quickly. So to celebrate his great test scores & the pregnancy we went to dinner at Chili's. I had also been calling the doctor's office every day to try to get in sooner than the 30th. Finally, I got an appointment to go in on Thursday the 25th.

I saw Dr. Hill, and we discussed when I may have conceived. She guessed 7-12, but I know for a fact it couldn't have been that late. So, as of right now, I think the date of conception was around 7-7. Which gives me an EDD of 2-28-10.

They also did blood work on the 25th, to check my HCG and also for other unknown health problems. She also scheduled me to go in on 6-27 also, so we could be sure the HCG levels were rising.

Unfortunately I knew I wouldn't get my results from the blood work till Monday. But I waited patiently all weekend...I did end up telling my mom on 6-27. I got a special shirt made, that I designed. It was an oven with a "bun" in it. When I showed it to her, she said ohh how did you make it? And I was like, no mom, it has a meaning. And it took a minute, but she finally got it! She jumped up and hugged me. Then she cried and hugged me more. She was so happy!

Once Monday came, it was a long wait ALL day before I got a call back. Then when I finally did, they didn't have the results from 6-25. Needless to say I had to wait till Tuesday, and heard from someone around 12:30. She said that my levels had more than doubled and everything looked WONDERFUL! On 6-25 my HCG was 992 and on 6-27 it was 2100. I was so incredibly relieved!

As of today, we are just waiting for 7-10 which will be my first ULTRASOUND!!!!! I am so ready for that, I can't wait. I just PRAY everything goes well!

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