Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I have the most amazing 10 Month Old!

Stella is 10 months old today! She just amazes me more every single day! She is starting to pick up on words! She is so good at saying Bye-Bye & waving. But she is not getting Hi much yet! She says something similar to dog, but she mostly says it for every animal! Gog-dog-gog sounds. And she loves to pick things up and "talk" on them like they're phones. So, if I say, "Say Hello!" she picks up whatever she has, a remote, a phone, a shoe, and puts it up to her ear. She doesn't say hello, but she makes a sound like Haa. So that is pretty close!

She also loves to take baths! She has some bath books & toys and she loves her rubber duckies! We have 4 or 5 now! So, a few nights ago she wanted to play with the lever that lets the water out of the bathtub. I told her no, because I didn't want her to try to play with it all the time. But then I decided she could do it before I got her out of the tub. Then the next night, I got the towel and said ok let's get out. That little genius, all on her own, pushed the lever down to let the water out! I was like, WOW! But I thought maybe it was a coincidence. Then last night I got the towel and said let's get out, and she did it again all on her own! :)

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