Monday, January 10, 2011

Just Braggin'

Just wanted to brag some more on my baby girl! I know every parent thinks their child is super smart, so add me to the list! She just picks up on things so quickly! I made a mobile for baby Hannah and it was a bunch of little birdies. It was hanging up in the dining room and Stella loved to look at it! Jeff held her up next to it and said Tweet, tweet, tweet. Later on, she was in the floor across the room and when you say Tweet, tweet, tweet she looks back over to where the birds are! I am going to get the potty training seat soon and try to get her started figuring that out! What difference does it make if she can walk or not!! :) She also listens pretty good when you tell her no. The only downside to that, is that she is learning to say no herself! And whenever she picks up something bad and eats it, all I have to do is say "Spit it out!" and she does! I LOVE her!

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