Wednesday, February 3, 2010

36 Week Ultrasound

Went for my 36 week ultrasound yesterday to get an idea of Stella's size. First off, she is still a girl! Whew! The scans put her between like 5 lb 6 oz to 6 lb 2 oz give or take 8 oz. So she is close to 50th percentile. The fluid levels measured good, not too much or too little. Oh, and we could see hair on her head. That was neat, it probably won't be a ton. I do hope it's brown though, not blond or red. My mom and Jeff's mom went with us to the ultrasound. I thought they would enjoy it, and I didn't think Jeff was going to be going. But since he is laid off, he got to go too. I am super tired today, don't feel that great. It is getting close to the 5th, which I did get a prediction for. Actually, really early on a dismass worker at the shelter said I would have her on the 5th. Then, the next predicted day is the 10th. I had a dream about the 10th. Oh, at my appointment with Beth on Monday, I did have her do a cervical check. She said I am a -1 station, 80% effaced and fingertip dilated. I have only told Jeff & Kim about it though. I don't want anyone else to know. I don't plan on getting checked any more. I just wanted to know if all the pains and pressure was actually resulting in something. So, now that I know it is, I will just wait for the day! I won't mind too much if I go to the 27th because I want to be certain she doesn't have to go to a NICU. If she did, I think she would have to be transferred to Kosair, and that would break my heart. Oh, and I think since her size is so normal, even if a few of my numbers are high I don't think it would cause much concern. I will say, I can't wait to be off this stupid diet! AHHH!

Her Girl Parts!
Hard to see, but her face in the top right
This is an Arm & Fist on the end

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