Monday, February 22, 2010

She is never coming!

Well, I am pretty sure Stella is never coming out! I tried the Scalini Eggplant Parm recipe Thursday night. It was a crazy, long ordeal (3+ hours) to make it, which consisted of the oven catching on fire, and it did NOTHING. It was pretty good though. I have been walking, but that just makes my lower back hurt. The last few days my upper back/shoulders & neck have been really hurting along with my head. Why was I so dumb to think I wouldn't get this far? It was just a feeling, I was sure. If I have to come back into this office NEXT Monday, on MARCH FIRST, I will be one unhappy camper. And that is putting it SUPER nicely. On a side note, whenever Jeff talks to someone about the baby, he calls her "The Kid". I do kind of hope he doesn't keep calling her that once she's born. Right now, I am playing a song for her, to try and coax her out. Buddy Holly, Baby won't you come out tonight. It is on a loop, only been going for about 15 minutes at this point. I wonder how long I can sit here and make her listen to it? At least a good solid hour. I am 39 weeks 2 days today, seeing Beth at 10:50. I think I am going to get a check today. Also going to check with her about how long past 2-27 I will be allowed to go.

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